Belotero for soft enhancement of the face

Fine lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections can occur on the face as part of the normal aging process. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to live with them. At Cassie Lane Aesthetics of Richmond, Virginia, patients have options that aren’t surgical. Skip the brow lift and facelift and instead ask our team of professionals about the benefits of soft fillers for the eyes, lips, and face, such as Belotero

What is Belotero? 

Belotero is just one of several dermal fillers on the market today for enhancing facial appearance. This particular filler is soft and best used for intricate areas. Belotero is approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. Aestheticians use this filler for the lips, eyes, and fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face. With just one appointment, patients can see results that will last several months before needing to speak to Cassie Lane about refresher injections. Belotero can provide the necessary balance and harmony required to help the facial appearance of both adult men and women without surgery. 

Who is a candidate for Belotero? 

During an initial consultation visit with Cassie Lane, patients can work with a professional to determine if they are a good fit for Belotero. The best patients for this treatment are adults experiencing the early signs of aging or who want to add volume to sunken skin under the eyes or thin lips. Patients should be in good overall health and not have any allergies to the ingredients used to formulate Belotero. Patients can also ask our team for before and after photos of past patients who have used Belotero to combat the presence of fine lines and wrinkles associated with aging. 

Call Cassie Lane Aesthetics today 

Richmond, Virginia patients ready to take charge of their aging look will find that Belotero and other dermal fillers available are great at achieving the desired results. Call the office at (804) 913 2262 located at 5805 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond to schedule a consultation and learn more about this and other cosmetic injectables that can be used to fight the signs of aging.