Migration of lip filler happens. Dissolving lip filler is necessary when previously placed lip filler has spread away from the lip.

Many factors contribute to lip filler migrating away from its original injection site. Contributing factors include multiple lip filler sessions over a short period of time, over-filling, and spread from the high activity of this area. Talking, smiling, chewing all these actions engage and cause wear and tear on the lips. Over time migration can happen. It’s important to dissolve the old filler, wait 2 weeks and then refill the lips in a conservative manner. The lips are a closed compartment, that if overfilled can lose their natural integrity. We will alway treat your lips with a conservative that has a lower risk for future migration. If you are coming from another clinic we charge $450/vial of Hylenex reversal. How much you will need is dependent on the degree of spread of the filler outside of the lip boundary. We will walk you through the whole process and are here to help you and restore a more natural, beautiful lips!

Understanding fillers for lip augmentation vs lip dissolving clinic

Dermal fillers are injectable treatments that are used to achieve results without the need for invasive plastic surgery. These fillers are commonly formulated with a naturally-occurring substance in the human body called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known for adding volume right where it is needed to assist patients in achieving improved shape and size. When dermal fillers are used for lip augmentation, they can provide noticeable results the minute patients walk out of the office. At Cassie Lane Aesthetics we alway strive for natural looking results that are unlikely to need dissolving in the future. Lip filler results will last for several months, typially a year or more, before the fillers are gradually and naturally broken down by the body.

Sometimes there is an abundance of filler or the filler is slow to dissolve and spreads away from the lip creating a mustache look or large white roll above the lip. When this occurs, dissolving with Hylenex is the treatment.

How do I find out more about dissolving lip filler near me?

Richmond, VA area patients are welcome to connect with Cassie Lane and her team to learn more about aesthetic services that can improve the smile’s appearance and the self-confidence of the patient! If you are self-conscious about over-filler or migrated, poorly defined lips, call her office in Richmond at (804) 913 2262, to schedule a consultation visit with our team. We are here to help with a wide selection of treatment options for our patients to consider to enhance the face.