Hi, I’m Cassie Lane, I wanted to take a minute and just let you guys know a little bit more in depth about the memberships that we offer. We’re really, really, really excited about them. They’re an amazing deal, and it’s the way that we want to incentivize all the members of our community to stick with us. Come back and see us. Get your Botox for your all of our services. I will say as a consumer, I’m always really skeptical and hesitant to do memberships. And so I have that in mind when we created ours. I wanted them to be straightforward. I always felt like the deck is stacked against me. Like, I don’t know if I’m getting a good deal, so we try to make ours as clear cut as possible. Essentially, you’re going to pay the monthly membership fee for 12 months. You’re going to come in, you’re going to get your services at your regular time intervals. You know, most of our clients us about four times a year, depending on what you’re coming in for. So you don’t come in monthly, but you pay monthly for 12 months and you’re committed to 12 months. At the end of those 12 months we will automatically end your membership, unless you tell us otherwise. The reason we set up this way is it really helps us with our budgeting. We also are offering a little bit of a lay away set up. So you come in the first time maybe you get 15 units of botox, but then you pay 155$ a month for 12 months, so you are only paying a 155# for 150 units of botox or 100 of whatever it is in your membership during the course of the year, depending on which membership you sign up for. I think the paying and the consistent trumps months is lot easier than 3 or 4 times a year paying the bigger trumps, and it just helps in that aesthetics project that we plan for, and it also helps us plan on our side as well which is really helpful.

I do think that little bit about the lay away set up in housing that we offer is a great perk. We actually had other business owners tell me that I should be charging more for this instead of less instead of breaking our price per unit discount, and discounts from other services that are in there.

But it is really important for me to give good deals to people who are going to be coming back to us, and are part of our community rather than make group contact specials to try and get people in the door who are going to see us one time and are gone.

We really value the people who want to come in, we know you are coming back, you have this relationship with us and that’s something that sets us apart

So this is how we say thank you to the people who are our members, you get the good deals.

The other great perks of the membership program, are going to be membership only monthly specials, member only events, we are going to send out model calls to our members first, so when we are doing trainings, when bring on new services, we are going to need models, you are going to get a direct email from us only to our members, and trying to get those slots filled up, and it usually fills up pretty quickly because you are usually getting an insane discount to come in and be a model with us.

Yeah so I would just love to invite you guys to come, be part of our family, check out the memberships. Go to and get a pricing, and you can see that we have Botox and filler packages, skin care packages, so have some options depending on what your goals are, we can’t wait to see you in our office.

Thanks so much.


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