Improve Skin Tone and Texture with Revivo Skin Treatment

Patients of the Richmond, Virginia, area seeking an effective treatment for addressing dark spots, wrinkles, fine lines, and skin redness are excited to learn about a series of treatments available at Cassie Lane Aesthetics. These treatments are achieved with a unique laser system to improve skin texture and tone. This treatment is referred to as Revivo skin treatment. This is our top treatment for anti-aging and resurfacing the skin addressing many issues at once. Did we mention we are the only place in town you can get this treatment utilizing our erbium laser technology?!

What is Revivo Skin Treatment?

The Revivo is a special “skin app” that combines multiple laser treatments into a single treatment. Our top of the line laser has the ability to deliver multiple treatments in one leading to faster and better results! This treatment has significant results that rival those of an ablative CO2 laser. The difference is our treatment does not have nearly the same downtime as we utilize erbium laser for resurfacing. Where a CO2 laser will leave your face with red open skin which can increase the likelihood of complications, with the Revivo you can expect mild redness for up to a week while still achieving resurfacing results.

The Revivo treatment targets wrinkle resurfacing, hyperpigmentation and vascular lesions on the face. We utilize our erbium laser as one step of the treatment to achieve dramatic skin resurfacing results. The Revivo skin treatment is just one of the many services provided by our Quanta System Chrome Lase Station. This laser device provides full-face, non-invasive treatment using laser light energy that penetrates deep within to target skin blemishes and irregularities. Patients find that the Revivo skin treatment can address:

  • Age and sun spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun-damaged skin and hyperpigmentation
  • Poor skin texture and tone
  • Redness and flushing
  • Telangiectasias
  • Blood vessels/spider veins

What Can I Expect from My Revivo Skin Treatment?

Our team at Cassie Lane Aesthetics starts with a consultation visit to determine if a patient is a good fit for the Revivo skin treatment service. This evaluation is done to learn more about what the patient would like to achieve with their treatments and their budget to reach their goals. If Revivo is appropriate, the procedure is performed at a later appointment. Patients will want to reduce or avoid sun exposure for two months before their treatment to ensure the best results.

The treatment starts with a special cooling and numbing cream applied on the skin for patient comfort. The session takes approximately 30 minutes, during which our team will pass the Chrome Lase device across the skin, emitting laser light energy deep within the skin. Patients can expect results over several weeks, after which additional treatment sessions can continue to keep enhancing the skin’s appearance with time.

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If you want to revive your skin’s health and appearance with today’s advanced solutions, we can help! Improve skin tone and texture with the Revivo skin treatment available at our Richmond, Virginia, practice. We assist new and returning patients from this location.