Learn about quality skincare products for all types of skin

Skin is the largest organ in our body, and it’s essential to take care of it. To do this, many patients rely on tips to keep the skin healthy and beautiful, including drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, and using a sunscreen every day. However, there are other steps patients can take to improve their skin, mainly if they deal with specific skin concerns. At Cassie Lane Aesthetics in Richmond, Virginia, patients are welcome to ask about quality skincare products to use in their skin care routine. Cassie Lane and her team can educate you on good skincare products to use for oily, combination, or dry skin and medical-grade products that can be purchased at the practice for home use to treat aging skin, acne, redness, and other issues.

What skincare products are available at Cassie Lane Aesthetics?

Cassie Lane is an aesthetic provider who is proud to offer a range of solutions for patients who need to improve their skin. With medical-grade brands and products readily available, she can advise patients on the best skin care for their unique needs. Some of the popular brands she offers in her practice include: 

 Why should I choose medical-grade skincare products?

 Medical-grade skincare products are often more effective than over-the-counter options because they are made with ingredients that have been tested and proven to be safe and effective. In some cases, medical-grade products may also be available only through a medical provider’s office. That means that they have undergone additional safety testing and are regulated by the FDA.

 What are some of the benefits of using medical-grade skincare products?

 Some benefits of using medical-grade skincare products include: 

  • Improved skin clarity
  • Reduced acne breakouts
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • A more youthful appearance
  • Reduced redness and inflammation
  • Treatment of aging skin (fine lines and wrinkles)

Request a visit with our team today to get matched up with your customized skincare regimen.

If you are ready to have a custom-tailored skin care routine designed just for you, call Cassie Lane Aesthetics today at (804) 913 2262. The office is located at 5805 Staples Mill Road and accepts new and returning patients in the community of Richmond, VA, and beyond.

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