Sign Up for Our Virtual Skincare Assessment for Your Customized Routine

A medical grade daily skincare routine is the cornerstone of all the treatments we offer at Cassie Lane Aesthetics of Richmond, Virginia. We offer a virtual skincare assessment online with our aesthetic medical providers. Getting a skin analysis online, virtually or physically, can help you learn more about your skin type and needs.

How to book?

Go to our booking page and select “Virtual Clinic: Cassie Lane Aesthetics”, select “Virtual”, and under “telemedicine” select “Virtual Skincare Assessment-30 mins”. We can’t wait to see you there.

Why is a Virtual Skincare Assessment Beneficial?

Are you using retinol daily? Have you not been able to tolerate retinol in the past? Are you using sunscreen daily? Are you using vitamin C daily? If your answer is no to any of these questions, you must sign up for your skin analysis at Cassie Lane Aesthetics!

You must use products intended to layer well and work well for your specific skin type. The product that works well for your friend is often not your best routine. Even a high-grade product will not have the desired results if it isn’t the correct product for your skin. This is why it is vital to have our experts prescribe your skincare plan.

Why Should I Choose Medical-Grade Products?

Medical grade products contain more active ingredients, formulated to be delivered more effectively to the skin with the correct pH levels. Though more expensive than over-the-counter skincare products, these work best for the right patients!

What Can I Expect from My Virtual Skincare Assessment?

Your virtual skincare visit will be a video meeting. It is important that we can see your face to prescribe you the best regimen. You will receive a link to join the meeting once you make the appointment. The appointment is 30 minutes in which we will review your detailed skin assessment and dive in to the specifics of your skin. We will then work with you to find an effective skincare plan for your skin.

The fee for this appointment is $50. You can schedule your skin analysis appointment and use the $50 towards any skincare product purchase. Take this time to talk to our aesthetic medical providers about your current skincare regimen and skin goals to get recommendations from our experienced team.

Schedule a Virtual Skincare Assessment Today!

If you want to schedule a skin analysis online or a virtual in-person skincare evaluation, connect with Cassie Lane Aesthetics. She has an office in Richmond, VA, serving patients in and around the Richmond, Virginia communities. Call today to request a visit and start caring for your skin with a customized skincare plan designed by our aesthetic medical providers!

What product lines does Cassie Lane Aesthetics utilize?

We carry multiple medical grade lines that you can only get through a medical professional. This is because it is so important that the correct product is matched to the correct person:

  • ZO – this is often our go-to product line with highly customizable protocols that work! Dr. Zein Obagi, a dermatologist, created the one of a kind skincare line that is aggressive and effective. It can tackle the most bothersome and persistent conditions including acne and hyperpigmentation. The high-quality ingredients are top of the line for anti-aging.

You will be matched up with the best products for your skin type in your assessment. Even the most high-grade products will not have optimal results when they are not properly layered and prescribed.

How to book?

Go to our booking page and select “Virtual Clinic: Cassie Lane Aesthetics”, select “Virtual”, and under “telemedicine” select “Virtual Skincare Assessment-30 mins”. We can’t wait to see you there.