Improve metabolism with vitamin shots

At Cassie Lane Aesthetics, we provide more than just Botox and dermal filler cosmetic injectables. We also ensure patients have access to services that help them look and feel their best from the inside out! With our team, Richmond, Virginia area patients can work with our providers and find out more about the various services available to improve the skin and body—while also helping boost metabolism to help reach one’s weight loss goals!

How to improve metabolism

When it comes to getting to your goal weight, metabolism is sometimes the biggest complication. Patients with naturally higher metabolism will find that they break down fat cells faster than those with a slower metabolism. Boosting metabolism is the most obvious way to help jump-start a patient’s weight loss journey. We provide MIC metabolism vitamin shots for patients to consider. MIC stands for “Methionine Inositol Choline.” These ingredients are used to assist in boosting the natural metabolism. Our MIC Shot is really like 3 shots in one, which sets it apart from other MIC Shots available as it also includes a blend of B vitamins and amino acids that help metabolize carbohydrates and improve cholesterol. Most patients find results from weekly shots in the arm until they have reached their desired weight.

Vitamin deficiency treatment

Many patients might not realize that they are low in specific vitamins and minerals, impacting how they feel and their bodies’ function. By asking about vitamin shots with Cassie Lane Aesthetics, many patients take a proactive approach to achieve a healthier, fully functioning body! We have Vitamin D shots, Vitamin B12 shots, and Immunity and Glutathione shots that blend Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Zinc to boost immunity. We can check a patient’s vitamin levels to determine the exact deficiencies and help bring them into balance with our team of professionals.

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Richmond, VA area patients interested in finding out more about the benefits of vitamin shots are encouraged to schedule an appointment with our team. We can be reached at (804) 913 2262 and are open for new and returning patients in the office, to provide services for those ready to enhance their skin, health, and body!