Learn more about under eye filler and PRP for enhancing facial aesthetics

The team at Cassie Lane Aesthetics is here to offer non-surgical solutions for improving facial appearance. She is the only one in the Richmond, Virginia area which provides a specialized treatment known as the Signature Eye PRP + Filler Undereye Treatment. This combination of filler and PRP injections allows for dramatic results in the undereye and tear trough area, addressing a wide range of situations that can contribute to an aged and tired appearance. This treatment sets her apart from other services in the area as she is the only local practice offering it!

What is the Signature Eye PRP + Filler Undereye Treatment?

Cassie Lane attended special training in Chicago, Illinois, on the Signature Eye PRP + Filler Undereye Treatment. She is the only practice in Richmond, Virginia, that offers this treatment, setting her apart from other aesthetic offices within the community. To perform this treatment, the patient’s blood is taken and then spun in a centrifuge to separate the PRP, or platelet-rich plasma. That is then taken in a small amount and blended with a dermal filler before being injected through a cannula into the tear trough and undereye area. After this, a stamping skin treatment is performed. This treatment uses tiny needles and is similar to the AquaGold treatment. All of this is done under local anesthetics with a topical numbing cream. Botox may also be combined with this treatment, and many patients find that it offers improvement in undereye skin texture, the formation of wrinkles, and dark pigmentation in this area. Using PRP in combination with fillers and Botox allows for safe treatment of this delicate area. There are fewer complications, and many patients are ecstatic with the results!

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